Monday, August 16, 2010

newborn session - Cambridge MA

Meet Ezra! His Momma contacted me well over a month before he was born to set a tentative date for his newborn shoot. Little man showed up right on time! He was good and hungry upon my arrival and it took us a few tricks (and some patience) to get him good and asleep. Mom and Dad were very patient and seemed like pros already, even though he is their first baby. We had so much fun walking around their house and finding items to use in portraits with him - their home decor is so much fun! My definite favorite was this wooden vase - perfect for propping Ezra up...and he played along and didn't even peep.

Look at those lashes! Who could resist this sleeping baby?...Who would want to try?!!!

Mom and Dad wanted to make sure we got a shot with their ketubah - which was so beautiful and colorful - it really captured the essence of their growing family.

Ezra's room was decorated with elephants - so cute - and this little elephant was a special gift from his grandmother.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Don't worry, be happy! - Family session CT

So the Momma of this family LOVES photos, but she just hasn't had good luck. Her children are adorable, friendly, and FULL of joy...but the second you turn a camera lens on them you are met with little stone faces. Before we left for the session she gave me a tour of the photo history that adorned her walls and shelves. She has tried MANY of the various quick-ee studious, always with the same disappointing results. She told me often times she ends up getting the photo for free because the studio feels so badly that they don't charge her. No pressure, right?!!! And sure enough at the house the children are a delight, the whole car ride they are smiling at me and giggly, we pull up to the (GORGEOUS) wine vineyard, scope the place out, find a good spot, and I take out my camera. The kids are not happy about this. Not amused at all. SIGH. No worries. I gave them my time and patience - and we coaxed it out of them. What do you think?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby Camilla - Newborn Session - CT

Meet Cami!

Who, at a whopping 9 days old, was easily one of the easiest babies I have ever worked with. She was asleep upon my arrival and pretty much stayed that way (but for 2 little episodes of rooting at her hand, and so we took breaks to feed her). Her Momma looked fantastic and shared her incredible birth story with me. Yup folks - little Miss Camilla was born right at home - after a 30 HOUR labor! Go Momma! ...and I've got to tell you, there must be something to it becasue Camilla was the most relaxed and at ease babe (sweet cheeks and happy squeaky noises to boot!)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Have a little Faith - newborn session CT

Meet Lucy Faith - the happiest baby on Earth. What a dream! She slept and squeaked and ate and slept some more. Easy peasy. Little Lucy's Daddy's cousin (got all that?) found me on the web and contacted me to purchase the newborn session for this sweet family as a gift (I know...good gift, right? Don't we all wish we had cousins so sweet...) The best part was - upon arriving at their home - I discovered that I actually knew little Lucy's Momma!!! We went to college together - same class - same major - SMALL WORLD!!!! Lucy is the first grandbaby on both sides and is already so adored!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Katy & Bill - wedding CT

I had so much FUN working with this beautiful couple! They are a wedding photographer's dream come true. When I first met with Katy and Bill and asked them to describe themselves they told me "fun and funny" ...and I would say that is a very accurate description! We were all laughing and cracking smiles throughout the day. The tone was one of pure joy and happiness...just as a wedding should be. Even the limo driver asked me, "Do you know the bride?" When I responded with, "What do you mean?" He answered, "I mean, like were you college roommates or something? You just seem to be having such a good time together. You seem to have a lot of inside jokes or something." Quite a compliment, I thought! Not to mention Katy and Bill's friends and family were all so warm and friendly. I could immediately tell they did a great job surrounding themselves with love and support on this important day! Katy seemed to act like the planning of the day was no big deal, but they added in all sorts of details that made their wedding uniquely theirs...from the plethora of peacock feathers, to the guest photo booth, to the wine bottle guest book...I was impressed. I feel very honored to be a part of such a BEAUTIFUL and HAPPY event. Thanks Katy & Bill!

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